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Scratch Cover For Floors

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Our Scratch Cover for Floors is a unique product, which disguises scuffs and scratches on bamboo and timber floors (including laminates). It is available in two shades: pale for lighter timbers such as oak, blackbutt and pine; and dark for a variety of darker timbers such as jarrah, merbau and bluegum. If your floor is a combination of light and dark, the best choice is the version for dark floors.

How to use Scratch Cover for Floors:

Scratch Cover for Floors - Pale:

Simply wipe on with a clean cloth and polish gently with another clean cloth. Ensure that any residual oil is wiped off.

Scratch Cover for Floors - Dark:

As this product contains pigments, which settle over time, it needs to be shaken before use. As with the Pale shade, wipe on with a clean cloth then polish immediately with another clean cloth. You can vary the intensity of the colour by allowing some of the pigments to settle; ideal for flooring with a variety of shades in its grain.

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Great Product

Covers scratches on floors perfectly